Welcome to the Snail's Domain!

We're a gaming community formed around a Discord server of the same name, founded by ViviMayoi. Fighting game tournaments are regularly hosted here and we try to make this place as welcoming as possible! 

Most notably, Snaildom Saturday Melty is a series of (mostly) weekly online MBAACC tournaments that have become a staple of the community.

Come and meet us here!


Hosted by yours truly! 

Hi, I'm ViviMayoi, but you can call me Vivi! 

You might know me as a fighting game player and tournament organizer, but I also speedrun on the side, and run my own streams as a VTuber!

I also code and design things for my own projects, such as software to help me run streams and brackets and help out various communities. I'm open to helping out others too! If you want to discuss commissions of the sort, feel free to email me, or DM me on Discord (#ViviMayoi0892) or Twitter (check below!).

You can catch and support me here: